Best User Friendly Accounting Software Tool for Small Business in 2020

Searching for perfect accounting software for a company can be constraining. For a fact, the software that functions right for one company, may not be good for the other. A big deal of looking the right fit relies on the company budget, span of the company, vitality of experience of the employee assigned for accounting duties, and the income generation. When you have a new company, you may desire to try a few programs prior to picking out the right one. Here are the top 5 of the well known easy-to-use programs in the small business realm, where every offers their own special features for specific needs.

1.      Xero

Xero is a tool that both small business owners and accountants make use of. Such online programs can be accessed through mobile devices and desktops. Also, users can track down invoices and forward billing statements right online. Such can be performed through pre-set templates or custom building. On the other hand, you can do payroll, including payroll taxes through the tool. Xero does also bear the ability to convert data right away from QuickBooks. There are more than 500 tools that are available to let the user customize the program according to a company’s particular needs.

Furthermore, customers can also reconcile added bank or credit accounts. Wherein, data is handled through a single ledger, which is something that allows simple ways for users and accountants to work as a team. Xero also bears multiple currencies.

2.      Sage 50

This was known as Sage Peachtree before. It is an accounting program basically used by small to mid-sized companies. Its program endows cash management, bank reconciliation, and accounts payable and accounts receivable services. Customers are also given the right to bill and invoice right away through its online services. Additionally, payroll and employee management are offered, which is widely used by smaller and mid-sized companies.

This tool also permits customers to construct and handle a general business ledger. Sage charges a monthly cost of $29.95 per month, where customer service is also a part of this fee.

3.      QuickBooks Online

This tool is a product of Intuit. It has since then been known as the go-to accounting software for small companies. There are two (2) varied versions of QuickBooks, which are the online format and the licensed version. Its platform endows simple online access to the entire employee records, vendors, and customers.

For a fact, any customer who buys the online version of QuickBooks gains access to its free customer service, too. There is a 30-day free trial for testing and charges a minimal monthly cost after the trial version expires.

4.      Kashoo

This is a popular accounting software program open for downloading at the Apple App Store. It is intended for iPad, iPhone, and web use. The nature of this program is through the use of cloud and is significantly utilized by smaller companies, which are already using any Apple product. Furthermore, this program permits small companies to generate reports, send invoices, enter in expenses, and manage finances just from their mobile phones.

Additionally, accounts receivable and accounts payable, CPA firms, and bank reconciliation and cash management are off handed at Kashoo. Customers are given the chance to track expenses and income. Also, they are given the chance to bill and invoice customers right away online. At Kashoo, payroll services as well as spend and tax management services are offered, too. It has a unique feature of the capability to handle multi-currency expenses.

Kashoo has a free trial, which begins with a monthly cost of $12.95 per month. Wherein, training is offered right away online and with the use of a webinar format. Also, support is offered online during office hours.

5.      SlickPie

This tool is an online accounting software program made for smaller companies. Its program is entirely online, which allows it to be accessible from almost anywhere customers are. Also, it endows online invoices, which permits customers to either use one of the preset themes or offers a program that permits customers to create the feature of their invoices. Aside from online invoicing, this tool allows online billing and document management. Through its wonderful platform, customers can create financial reports to monitor business growth. Additionally, the software also endows tax management services. SlickPie is free.