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Is de opleiding gericht op je (toekomstige) werk? Dan zijn de kosten van je opleiding (les-/collegegeld, examenkosten, reiskosten, studiematerialen) aftrekbaar bij de aangifte inkomstenbelasting. Zo vallen de netto studiekosten stukken lager uit. 
Voor het internet gelden andere regels dan voor de gedrukte media. Een goede webredacteur zorgt ervoor dat wat hij schrijft uitnodigt tot lezen of tot een actie van de bezoeker. Ook weet een webredacteur natuurlijk precies hoe de zoekmachines naar tekst kijken en houdt daar rekening mee. Een onmisbare cursus wanneer je schrijft voor het internet.
The participant will be able to design the international marketing, logistics and distribution processes, which allow the participants to generate competitive advantages and therefore higher levels of production and adequate indexes of positioning in world markets.
focuses on individual coaching evokes transformation accomplishes higher achievements and deeper connection and fulfillment is the first part of a 6 month Co-Active Coach training program Target group
Marijke de Jong – #1 Straightness Trainer Tonny Loorbach is een gefocuste perfectionist! In de 4 jaar dat wij met hem samenwerken zijn alle producten en diensten van hoge kwaliteit. Wij volgen Tonny op de voet, dat betekent voor ons: geen kopzorgen en onze internetmarkting is altijd een doorslaggevende factor in ons succes! Tonny: You Rock!!
If you are a freelancer looking to improve your client roster, then this course of mine is ideal for you. Writing a Winning Freelance Proposal will help you to write more effective freelance proposals. I have designed it for writers, designers, marketers, developers, coaches, and artists who want to become more effective at pitching their services, winning more and better clients. Even if you are unsure whether you would benefit from this course, I offer a free High-Converting Freelance Proposal Template which is sure to be useful to virtually any freelancer.
Forbes has described Neil Patel as one of the top 10 online marketers. President Obama recognized him as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30. He provides some of his secrets in his Creative Live course, Driving Traffic to Your Online Business. He explains the mechanics of SEO and explains important terms. He shows how to develop best practices and provides a robust toolkit to increase traffic to your website. He also touches on how you can use social media and content/affiliate marketing to increase your traffic.
Management Communication for Undergraduates is a seminar focused on communication, speaking and teamwork skills for managers. The course includes assignments, problem sets and various study materials, such as guides and feedback forms. Strategic HR Management is a graduate course that can show students to create and carry out human resource management strategies. Course materials include assignment questions, readings, case write-ups, quizzes and a final exam.
The PRINCE2® Practitioner Certificate course is a comprehensive 5-day program that provides participants with an extended theoretical and practical knowledge of PRINCE2, the best non-proprietary practice model that ensures a project delivery is on time, on budget and of high quality. [+]
Deze opleiding is de perfecte voorbereiding op het officiële NIMA-examen. Na succesvolle afronding van het examen heb je het internationaal erkende diploma NIMA B Digital Marketing op zak. Hét bewijs dat je strategische e-marketingkennis hebt op marketingmanagementniveau.
The Management Development Programme (MDP) offered by the London School of Business and Finance has been designed to improve your career opportunities and to develop your skills in order to appeal to major employers.
@Peter: vwb kosten dat zou ik even moet uitzoeken (staat ook op de meeste sites wel vermeld). Vwb kwaliteit, ik kan daar als betrokkene van een aantal opleidingen moeilijk iets over zeggen. M! Academy en Interactive Course bestaan inmiddels het langst en zijn daardoor al iets verder uitgewerkt dan de andere opleidingen. Wat me wel opvalt is dat het groepje docenten dat we nagenoeg in iedere opleiding weer terug zien, erg beperkt is. Zou goed zijn als daar wat meer variatie in zou komen. Verder ben ik zelf erg gevoelig voor de omgeving waarin een opleiding wordt gegeven.
Guy Kawasaki is a renowned product evangelist for companies like Apple & Mercedes-Benz, bestselling author and keynote speaker on topics like innovation, enchantment, social media, and entrepreneurship. In this online business course taught on Skillshare, Guy teams up with his business partner from technology investment firm Garage Ventures, Bill Reichert to teach the Art of the Start: Turning Ideas into High-Growth Businesses. Over the course of 14 video lectures, they discuss the principles they’ve discovered are necessary to bring your ideas to the next level, which will help you attract investor interest for your growing idea. They even give you the opportunity to upload a pitch deck for your business idea and request feedback.
Le DEES Marketing internationale est un diplôme délivré par la Fédération Européenne des Ecoles (FEDE) qui se prépare en un an. Toegankelijk dés le niveau Bac 2, Enaco vous stellen de suivre votre préparation au DEES Marketing internationale à distance.
Onze online cursussen bieden u de mogelijkheid om 24/7 te studeren waar ter wereld u ook bent. Deze intensieve online cursussen staan ​​open voor iedereen met interesse in het onderwerp en geven je toegang tot leren van wereldklasse onder leiding van IAP…. [-]
This course covers a variety of techniques used to verify and build on creative ideas. It outlines when to use research and when to use simulations to check the workability of an idea. In addition, it discusses ways to build on ideas effectively.
Managing a business can be stressful and hectic, with lengthy to-do lists covering a variety of tasks all demanding your attention, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Often business managers and owners don’t take the time to look at what training they might need to help them carry out the varying tasks that running a company necessitates. By dedicating some time to personal development, you will be maximising your chances of success and increasing your confidence. 
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Students who pursue a business course benefit in a number of ways. Business skills such as problem-solving, leadership, and communication can help in many different areas. There are also a wide variety of business careers available for those who want to continue on with their studies. Crowdfunding Cash Review

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